Wellness Care

Just like you, your pet needs an annual wellness exam. That old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is so true! We want to catch any issues while they are still small, or better yet, before they arise. Dr. Liz believes that optimal health begins with wellness care. By taking a preventive approach to veterinary care, we can ensure that your pet stays healthy for years to come.


Our preventive care begins with a complete wellness and oral annual exam. During this visit, we will listen to your concerns, and provide your pet with a treatment plan. A wellness exam allows us to thoroughly examine your pet from head to tail. This comprehensive exam will assess your beloved pet’s teeth, eyes, ears, heart, lymph nodes, skin and musculoskeletal system. After the exam, Dr. Liz will discuss any potential health concerns she sees, give you time to ask all your questions, and provide you with a complete treatment plan if needed.


Puppies and kittens:

Wellness exam, series of vaccinations, and parasite prevention.

All pets:

Annual wellness exam.

Pets over 10 years of age:

Twice a year wellness exam.